Total Eclipse - 'In a moment, my mum is going to step out of the moon'

The Mission Theatre, Bath, BA11UF
Tue 4th June 2019 - Wed 5th June 2019
A humorous, playful, truthful and thought provoking piece of theatre, which challenges taboos and explores the impact of grief on our relationships and mental health.

Lily and Paco's relationship is in crisis after having both lost their mothers in the same year. They arrive to the top of a mountain in anticipation of a total lunar eclipse. For Lily, the eclipse signals that the spirit of her mother is about to step forward from the Moon to say goodbye to her while Paco just wants to relax, enjoy a picnic and take a few pictures. At the moment of the eclipse it gets darker than it has ever been before. A moment of darkness that pulls at the boundaries of their understanding of life and their relationship.
Google map static shot of The Mission Theatre, Bath, BA11UF
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