Peterloo (12A)

PETERLOO (2018, UK, Mike Leigh, 2hr 31 mins, Cert 12A) is an historical drama focusing on a little known event in British history, in 1819, where a large crowd gathered in Manchester to demonstrate peacefully for democratic reform and were forcefully dealt with by the authorities. Leigh uses a large ensemble cast to portray characters from the hunger and poverty of the working classes to the out-of-touch elite. Maxine Peake is a matriarch trying to hold her family together and Rory Kinnear plays the orator who speaks on behalf of the common man.  

This is a passionate, epic film that has relevance to the present day.

This film is 2 hours 31 minutes long without an interval.

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Please Note: This film is in STUDIO 609 at 7.30pm - there is another film on the same night at 7.45pm in the Performance Hall. You cannot watch both screenings.

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