The Bromley Boys (PG) - Introduced by the film's producer, TJ Herbert

THE BROMLEY BOYS (2018, UK, Steve Kelly, 1hr 46 mins, Cert PG)  is a British comedy, set in 1970, in which a teenager devotes himself to supporting the worst football team in Britain, Bromley FC. Locally filmed, produced and set, this film is a must see for all Bromley borough born residents and anyone who has devoted their time to a local club, regardless of success!

TJ Herbert - the producer of The Bromley Boys - will give a short introduction to this film.

View the trailer here

Read more about this locally made film here

Please Note: This film is in the Performance Hall at 7.45pm - there is another film on the same night at 7.30pm in Studio609. You cannot watch both screenings.

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