Earth, Life and the returning circle

The Clophill Centre, Bedfordshire, MK45 4BT
Sun 12th May 2019

We are born of the Earth, it supports us, nurtures us and eventuallywe return our physical bodies to it. This great circle of life, death and rebirth is as old as time itself, the continuing flow of energies sustaining our personal and spiritual growth. Modern day life has disassociated us from this circle, creating stress, anxiety and a sense of fear over our own mortality. These blocks are  pushing usaway from our natural state of grounding and peace. It’s with this in mind, we welcome you to join with us in circle to reconnect with the earth, exploring our connections to it and celebrating being part of the great returning circle.

We will communicate in the ancient and tribal tradition ofsitting in circle, before heading deep into the womb of the earth, meditating within the dreaming chamber.  Working together we will continue to explore our personal connections with earth energies, building understanding, acceptance and love for our place in this greater circle.

Finally building towards a traditional ceremony of returning to the earth. Rejuvenating our bodies, celebrating our mortal lives and lettinggo of whatever is holding us back.

This is a day of reflection, celebration and letting go, held in ancient and shamanic tradition.

No previous experience necessary as we will adapt the day tosuit the individual’s needs. A general knowledge/ experience of shamanicjourneying would be beneficial, but not essential.

Cost £40,

 As with all ourworkshops, For every guest that Joins us we will donate one tree to “one treeplanted”  to support reforestation andcarbon neutral business, see our webpage for more details:

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