Beer Quarry Caves, Beer, EX12 3AT
Wed 1st May 2019 - Sat 18th May 2019

This May FOUR OF SWORDS leads you back into the belly of the earth to witness a terrifying tale of fate versus free will.

The legendary riddle-master Oedipus does battle with the crafty Sphinx! He gains the crown of Thebes, and wins the hand in marriage of its mighty queen, Jocasta. Fast forward years in the future, and Thebes is once more under threat: not from a supernatural beast like the Sphinx, but from a pestilence which shall not be abated until the murderous criminal harboured in the city's midst is exposed. Oedipus is determined to fulfil his  duty, to hunt out this criminal, to leave no stone unturned in the pursuit, regardless of the consequences...!  

Freely adapted from the ancient Greek masterpiece by Sophocles, FOUR OF SWORDS' Oedipus promises visual spectacle, gut-wrenching performances and a masked singing Chorus.

“There’s only one problem with intimate and almost tangible theatre like this, the kind that which surrounds you, whisks you up and takes you with it – you won’t want to go back to sitting in an auditorium again.” Express & Echo (Exeter)

As with previous FOUR OF SWORDS productions, audiences will be standing and walking for the duration of the 1 hour 15 min show. Please wear sensible footwear, warm clothing and bring a torch to help you find your way to and from the car! Please be advised that this show is too creepy for under 11s.

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