At Home with William Shakespeare / Bacon

The Heron Theatre, Beetham, LA7 7AS
Fri 8th February 2019

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At Home with William Shakespeare

Pip Utton’s makes the famous man come alive again. No longer merely the probable writer of wonderful plays and poetry but a real man who loves, laughs, drinks, sings, dances and cries, and in between has to write some words to make a living.
The poems and speeches come alive. It’s fun, it’s moving and it involves the audience now and again in the way in which Pip excels. It’s Shakespeare’s Greatest Hits, performed by Shakespeare himself


Described by critics as the greatest British painter since Turner and by Margaret Thatcher as ‘that dreadful man who paints those horrible pictures’, Francis Bacon remains one of the most challenging and controversial artists of all time. His paintings have the power to horrify, excite, disgust, revolt and haunt. It is impossible not to react to his work.
Francis Bacon could spend his mornings painting, but his lifestyle full of alcohol, gambling and homosexual promiscuity has created an iconic enigma.
Appearing uncannily like Bacon, Pip Utton looks back on his extraordinary life as he rants at, charms, entertains and enlightens his audience swigging champagne.

Some swearing and sexual references. Suitable for 16+


Pip Utton

Google map static shot of The Heron Theatre, Beetham, LA7 7AS
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