Beckett’s Last Act

The Heron Theatre, Beetham, LA7 7AS
Fri 27th May 2016

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We are always pleased to welcome Pat Abernethy and Dave Marsden to the Heron theatre and on this occasion for “Beckett’s Last Act” they are joined by Heather Jackson.

In reviewing this play following an earlier performance Alan Franks wrote: -

Beckett's Last Act is an engrossing and many layered play presented by the Isosceles Theatre Company and based on the novel by Mora Grey, which is thick with references to personal crises and obsessive disorder.

Its very existence, like its contents, raises the Krapp-like question of what is true, what happened and what is a construction of the memory.....

The figure of Beckett cannot help but have a spectral element it is rather as if the playwright has now graduated to the level of theatre ghost and has come back to haunt his own legacy. What unfolds in the 100 minutes of the play is a series of monologues so full of references to the other characters in the story that they amount to a virtual or remotely conducted conversation....

An excellent cast, two of whom, Dave Marsden and Pat Abernethy, are in a sense on home ground, being graduates of Trinity College Dublin, as was Beckett. What would he have made of all this? My view is he would have been gripped. He would have laughed too.



Google map static shot of The Heron Theatre, Beetham, LA7 7AS
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