My Sweetheart & Me

Fri 3rd May 2019
Belvoir Studio Theatre, Belfast, BT8 7DJ
My Sweetheart & Me is a light-hearted, nostalgic musical, telling the parallel stories of three couples who back in 1967 frequent the Suntree Bar in the fictional sleepy town of Cheersyville, Ireland. Volatile Yvonne is fed up with ‘happy’ Sammy, who soon turns back to his old vices and spirals towards oblivion. Ruby and Cyril’s matrimony turns out to be built on sandy foundations that cannot prevent a certain collapse. Meanwhile their mature student of a son ‘Bookworm Bob’ has caught the eye of Sheena, who having just turned thirty and still not having found her Mr Right is quite desperate to find love but will an unexpected source of romantic competition in the form of dastardly Dandy Dan who has travelled all the way over from London to Cheersyville specifically to find himself a wife/cleaner threaten to wreck their big chance of a summer of love?
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Google map static shot of Belvoir Studio Theatre, Belfast, BT8 7DJ
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