Allegri Miserere

In a change to the concert advertised in our brochure, we are delighted to present Pegasus and their conductor, Matthew Altham. Tonight's programme will include:

Gombert – Media vita
Allegri – Miserere
Gombert – Lugebat Absalon
Macmillan – Miserere
Parsons – Ave Maria
Jackson – Salve Regina
Mouton – Nesciens Mater
Rachmaninov – Bogoroditse Dyevo
Biebl – Ave Maria
Sisask – Benedictio
Byrd – Laudibus in Sanctis

This concert is part of the Brandenburg Choral Festival of London 2019 Spring Series.

Please note that the venue address listed in the Spring 2019 brochure is wrong. The correct address appears on the e-ticket which you will receive when booking.

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