Private Hire Driver FULL Knowledge & English/Maths Assessment

Bolton College, Bolton, BL3 5BG
Wed 28th February 2018

This booking is for anyone who has never sat these Assessments OR who needs to resit both the Knowledge and English/Maths Assessments again. 

This is the first of two dates and will last 1.5 hours.  The second date you must attend is Wednesday 7 March at 5.00pm which will last 3.5 hours.

Please ensure you arrive on time for BOTH DATES.  You will not be allowed in late.

These dates can not be changed once they are paid for.

Please visit and read through the Private Hire Driver Assessment pack to prepare for your assessments.

If you have failed a previous assessment we strongly advise you to wait a minimum of 6 months before resitting.  You should spend that time working on improving your maths, English and/or Knowledge skills.  We advise this so you are not wasting your enrolment fee rebooking assessments which you are not prepared for.

Google map static shot of Bolton College, Bolton, BL3 5BG
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