Big Top Beauty and the Beast

Wed 29th November 2017 - Sun 3rd December 2017
The Bradford Playhouse, Bradford, BD1 5DL

Big Top Beauty & The Beast

"Roll Up! Roll Up! Step right this way for a phantasmagorical delight - the Greatest Show on Earth!"

Bradford Players, in their 91st year, present for you, for one week only, a spectacle the like of which you will never before have seen. Is it a panto? Is it a circus? Oh no it isn't! Oh yes it is? Oh no, yes... It's both!

Rose is a beautiful but humble popcorn vendor wishing for better things in life. Zitrot is an evil ring mistress who craves for that one remarkable attraction to complete her menagerie of performers. Meanwhile, something/one lurks in a nearby castle, lonely and in need of love. Who will come out on top? The big top!

Written by one of Bradford Players own, Charlie Vincent (with assistance from Rebecca Stoppard), we hope that when our circus/panto rolls into town, you won't be left feeling down...

Google map static shot of The Bradford Playhouse, Bradford, BD1 5DL
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