Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5

Wed 19th June 2019 - Sat 22nd June 2019
The Bradford Playhouse, Bradford, BD1 5DL
The musical 9 to 5, based on the 1980 movie of the same name, features music and lyrics by Dolly Parton. It centres on the downtrodden working lives of three women, Violet, Judy, and Dora-lee. They all work at Consolidated Industries, which is presided over by the sexist, lecherous, and pompous, Franklin Hart. Violet has worked at Consolidated for many years, but has never been given the chance to rise above senior supervisor status, although she is capable of much more. Judy is newly separated and joins the company having never worked before. Doralee, a sexy, happily married country girl,is ostracized from the other female workers. After Judy has an awful first day, Hart passes Violet over for another promotion, and Doralee finds out that Hart has been telling everyone they are having an affair, the three women unite in their hatred of Hart and fantasize about how they would kill him. This spectacular show promises to be fun and exiting with just a touch of glam!.
Google map static shot of The Bradford Playhouse, Bradford, BD1 5DL
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