Bristol: The Embodiment of the Conscious Heart

Sun 16th December 2018
The Theosophical Society, Bristol, BS8 1PY

- The Embodiment of the Conscious Heart - A creative retreat


Creative self-inquiry… allowing the conscious heart to speak through spontaneous spoken word… free movement… indivisible oneness... heart-fullness... deep stillness... profound connection... playful humour... conscious comedy... elements of sound and music… an in-depth and profound exploration of ecstatic expression all around and all the way through...


… a beautiful and profound opportunity to explore creative expression as a tool to open into free being. There really is no word for this, but my preference is to call it the Heart, the reality in which the sense of separation falls away and all-pervading Love in its purest is realised as the true nature of all there is. The process in these retreats will occur organically as I feel into what everyone brings into the room.

There will be space to share creative offerings. Anyone who feels moved can share their creative expression of the most profound beauty they are sensing and knowing off in this present moment in time. You can bring instruments, poetry , dance, read something, it doesn't have to be your own writing... you can engage in any way in  creative expression of the heart that comes naturally to you.

There will be creative explorations that may bring about a possible opening of our individual bodies as well as our collective body into heart energy. Does that make sense? You probably know that what I am talking about is not really measurable in words...
There may also be space for experimentations to see how we can transform individual offerings into collaborations. It will be a very organic process, and not necessarily happen in any particular order.

If you don't feel ready to make an offering at this moment in time, but feel moved to join us, and be part of this process and find out more about it, I am keen to find a way to explore with you what works for you, and you may find that the process is easier than you can currently imagine. So don't let any shyness or self-consciousness stop you... we'll embrace it all wholeheartedly.

I can't wait to see you there

In that heart-nurturing place

that is no place

where Love

meets as Love

and Infinity pervades every cell of the body

and all limits, all ideas, all presumptions and conceptions

are dissolved in Light



My name is Eva Millauer and I am a visual and performance artist, who has been moved to explore the mystery of life through creative means since early childhood. I am holding a BA (hons) in Visual and Perfoming Arts and have been profoundly inspired by a number of amazing spiritual Teachers. Over the last two decades I have developed unique creative practices to support us in the embodiment of the conscious heart, the beauty of non-separation and the love-bliss of being with great passion and dedication. 

What I offer is truly unique and to get a sense if you feel drawn to participate, feel free to message me and arrange a chat on Skype or WhatsApp and lets have a conversation about any questions you may have. 

This is one of the responses from the  occasion on the 23rd of September: 

"Eva's openness, joy and laughter is contagious. Her energy naturally creates a safe space for hearts to open and creativity to express it's self in a very fluid and organic way. Come with an open mind and an open heart to discover a deeper sense of what the heart is and a sense of feeling connected with all that is." -Zoey

Tickets are either £20 online if you can afford the full fee, or £15/£10 depending on what you can afford. On the door the cost will be £25, concessions will be £18 and I know it is hard sometimes to know until last minute if you can make it... but I am very grateful for bookings more than a day ahead to have a clearer idea on numbers, this is because I bring snacks for the tea break for everyone. 

Thank you!


The Theosophical Society in Clifton is just off St Michael's Hill. I love offering events there as it is a beautiful inner city retreat space. We are in a large quiet ground floor room overlooking a beautiful garden. There are a few parking spaces on the property and on the road parking on Sundays is free and is usually freely available. There are rails for bicycles to be securely attached to. The nearest rail station is Clifton Down. There is no disabled access unfortunately. There are about 4 small steps to climb which would need a ramp and there is very good vehicle access. The room is on the ground floor. We also have access to the garden and a kitchen for the tea and coffee breaks.
Google map static shot of The Theosophical Society, Bristol, BS8 1PY
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