The Adolescent Brain - Dr.Bettina Hohnen

Understanding Teenagers: How to support them and protect them at a time of significant brain development

Why do teenagers seem so much more impulsive and emotional than younger children? Why are their friends suddenly the centre of their world? What is the best way for parents to navigate this difficult time? Neuroscientific research in the past 20 years has given us new insights into what is happening in the brain and we have discovered that significant brain changes go on at this time which helps explain teenage behaviour.

Dr Hohnen is a Clinical Psychologist with a particular interest in the teenage brain. She will outline the key changes that take place in the brain during the teenage years. She will also discuss ways to stay in a positive relationship with your teenager while at the same time maintaining safe boundaries. The focus will include helping teenagers negotiate needs with words not behaviour, how to go from high control needed with younger children to low control with adolescents while maintaining influence and how fear can negatively impact on influence and corrode the teenager’s ability to use parents as a secure base.
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