Sat 20th July 2019
Buxton Community School Theatre, Buxton, SK17 9EA
A drought is causing the water level to drop.
The animals and birds are aware that the river is slowing and getting shallower. While this brings new fun and frolics along the muddy banks, to others it represents a loss of habitat, a shortage of food and the potential for losing their lives.
They gather under a sacred carob tree whenever there is a full moon. The magic spell of the moon casts a blanket of safety for all the animals to move among each other without fear of becoming prey.
Stories are exchanged all of which may help to replenish the river. Monkey tells ‘The Parrot and the Pitcher’ story, Gecko, tells about the ‘Wildebeest and the Tsetse Fly’
Each idea from their stories is re-enacted but with little success. That is until the wise old Pharaoh Owl remembers about The Rain God Amos. The source of river water to the Nile is where Amos lives in the Mountains of the Moon. Here, the Honeybird’s sweet singing can make the Rain God cry and fill the rivers once more.
The friends collect special forest honey to take to the Honeybird who they hope can be persuaded to sing. After a difficult journey the Owl discovers that the Honeybird is held captive by an Eagle. Can Owl free the Honeybird and help her to sing to the Rain God once again?
Google map static shot of Buxton Community School Theatre, Buxton, SK17 9EA
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