Around Clun Valley - Forts, Fields and Forests

Led by Dan Gordon Lee, who has spent his professional life working in ecology and conservation, the walk initially heads east from Bury Ditches via Kempton to the beautiful and significant Burrow hillfort, commanding spectacular views of the south Shropshire countryside.  On the way we’ll detour through Walcot Wood and talk about how the National Trust is recreating the ancient wood pasture habitat here.
After Burrow, our route heads south into the beautiful Clun Valley, where we follow the river west, through old estates, giving us the chance to talk a little about past and present management of the valley and the river.
Heading upwards again, we pass through the SWT reserve of Clunton Coppice, and look at some of the work the Trust is doing for wildlife in this old coppice woodland, before heading through forest to Clunton.  We finish up with a climb to the summit of Bury Ditches hillfort to enjoy our second panoramic view of the day, before descending to the car park for a well-earned rest.
Please make sure you bring a packed lunch, snacks and plenty of drink.  Car-sharing is encouraged: please advise Leader if you can offer a lift from Bishop’s Castle.  Parking is free at Bury Ditches.

Forthcoming Dates
Around Clun Valley - Forts, Fields and Forests Bury Ditches Hill Fort Car Park
C2X9+VF Lower Down, Lydbury North