The Real Inspector Hound/A Separate Peace

Wed 8th May 2019 - Sat 11th May 2019
Cottenham Village College, Cambridge, CB24 8UA
‘The Real Inspector Hound’ focuses on Moon and Birdboot, two drama critics, arrive to watch the performance of a new detective play, a parody of the conventional stage thriller. However the private lives of the critics become inextricably mixed with those of the play’s characters until Moon is shot dead and the real Inspector Hound proves to be … ?

‘A Separate Peace’ is a sly, gentle dig at society’s conventions and preconceptions. John Brown arrives at a country nursing home with a case of money expecting hotel-style service but is neither physically or mentally ill. Why is he there and who is he really?
Google map static shot of Cottenham Village College, Cambridge, CB24 8UA
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