Insole Talks: 'How Wales Turned Green' with Dr Chris Cleal

Insole Court Mansion, Cardiff, CF5 2LN
Fri 5th July 2019
"How Wales Turned Green"
Dr Christopher Cleal, Head of Botany at Amgueddfa Cymru | National Museum Wales joins us on Friday 5th July to talk about the evidence we have in Wales for the early evolution of plant life.

Dr Cleal is responsible for botany collections, including vascular plants, bryophytes, algae and fungi. He undertakes research in palaeobotany, and oversees other research in botany and related public engagement to a wide range of audiences.

BSc, PhD. Fellow of the Linnean Society and of the Geological Society London. Member of the International Association for Plant Taxonomy (member of Fossil Plant Committee), Palaeontological Association (former Council Member and Editor), Systematics Association, Geologists’ Association, Geological Curators’ Group, European Association for the Conservation of Earth Heritage (ProGeo – UK Delegate), British Institute for Geological Conservation (BIGC – Treasurer).

Research Interests include Palaeozoic palaeobotany; relationship between vegetation, landscape change and palaeoclimates during the Late Palaeozoic Ice Age; taxonomy of medullosaleans seed-plants, marratialean ferns and sphenophytes. Changing plant diversity through geological time. History of palaeobotanical science the UK. Development of coalfield geoheritage as educational and geotouristic resources.

Google map static shot of Insole Court Mansion, Cardiff, CF5 2LN
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