Camp Be Yourself - BOX. Theatre Company

Camp Be Yourself is an explosive look at growing up, set in the immersive world of an American summer camp that’s filled with music, meta theatre gags and a lot of enthusiasm. Camp counsellors Emily and Betsy are here to help you figure out the chaos of “adulthood” whilst trying their darndest not to lose their campers, their friendship, or their minds... Welcome to Camp Be Yourself! For those of you that can’t be yourself in real life, you Camp Be Yourself here.

This hilarious debut production is written and performed by Emilia Stawicki and Betty Jane Walsh, exploring the mental unrest of becoming an “adult” and pretending to know what you’re doing, when you most definitely do not.

This is adulthood, no one is going to take your trash out for you.

“If you’re looking for an hour’s worth of laughs you’ll love this show” - Broadway Baby
★★★★★ - Get The Chance

“It’s the physicality of this piece that’s most satisfying. Stawicki and Walsh convey the characters’ emotional awkwardness clearly with their bodies and there are moments of sheer frenzy that are both hilariously funny and slightly unnerving” - The Stage
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