The Tiger Face Show - Justin Cliffe

Join a nihilistic TigerFace as he searches for pockets of joy in trousers made of disappointment and misery. Taking you through the ABCs and 123s of adulthood, this show aims to explore the living dichotomy between what we were told to expect as children vs the reality of being alive in 2018.

Through this tragic cocktail of comedy, chaos, animal puppets and self-loathing, Justin explore’s his own disenfranchisement of adulthood through the guise (and lies) of a live childrens television show. TigerFace is a semi-autobiographical act of self-schadenfreude that becomes an audience responsive ragged-scream-party-piece that’s one part misery, two parts joyful.

FREE Piña Colada*!

*There’s no Piña Colada

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