James Grant

Front man of Love and Money producing
4 best selling albums aged just 18, James
Grant has done the rounds.

The tireless hours spent practicing chords
in front of that boyhood bedroom mirror surface in
shimmering melodies and virtuoso solos –
plucked seemingly effortlessly from some
grace-filled sphere. The sweet sorrow of
lost love and lasting hope echoes in ‘lyrics
good enough to be poetry’ – and wrap
around your heart in honeyed tones too
haunting to be forgotten.

James has just released his 5th solo
album, the eclectic Strange Flowers.
Al Green-inflected soul rubs shoulders
with radio-friendly rock; big Bond-style
ballads battle it out with contemporary folk

Drawing from a broad palette
of pop, folk, soul, country and blues
influences, James Grant’s solo work
twins darkly literate, melodically lush
songcraft with his richly potent vocals,
leavening his performances with dashes
of wickedly acerbic humour.

'Spiritual comfort from the Hallelujah

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