Musica Avant Garde - Advanced Youth Music Day 2019

This event provides a unique opportunity for aspiring young musicians to have a fun day exploring through playing, a selection of contemporary musical works that they may not encounter elsewhere.  The day will include expert tutelage in advanced techniques such as flutter tonguing and multiphonics.  Oh yes your instruments are capable of producing a much more diverse range of sounds than we usually use.

This event is designed for players of at least Grade 5 standard on orchestral instruments, piano or percussion and will be great fun!

Players who would like to take part in the masterclass session can do so with any piece they wish and can indicate so on the booking form.

Please note although refreshments will be provided participants must bring a packed lunch.

Draft Programme
9.15 Registration
9.30 Workshop 1 (Everyone together)
10.30 Break
10.50 Workshop 2 (Smaller ensembles)
12.00 Masterclasses (Optional)
12.30 Lunch
13.15 Workshop 3 (Small ensembles)
14.30 Break
14.50 Workshop 4 (Everyone together)
16.00 Break
16.15 Recorded Performance
17.00 End

The cost of this event is 15 per participant, reduced to 10 for those players who qualify for free school meals and also 10 per participant for families who send more than one player. (If you choose to book your place and pay online there is a small additional fee charged by the credit card processor making these amounts 16.26 and 10.84).
Forthcoming Dates
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