Communicate to Invite LOVE ®

Chartridge Venues, Chartridge Venues, B30 1LS
Tue 28th May 2019
Communicate to un-lock Self-Love!

Session 1:

We will explore

  • Build self-esteem through communication
  • Minimise mental noise
  • Get practical tools to achieve upliftment
  • You can overcome hindrance through communication

Why attend

  • You will learn why understanding yourself is key to self-love.
  • You will learn to change your inner dialogues
  • You will receive guidance from both expert facilitators and your peers

Communicate to Manifest True Love!

Session 2:

We will explore

  • Find your ideal partner
  • Nourish your relationship
  • Amplifying your chances of finding TRUE LOVE
  • Understanding blockages within you

Why attend

  • You will learn to uncover the hidden blockages which are sabotaging you to find True Love
  • You will learn practical tools to create and maintain effective communication
  • You will learn how to connect with your true love at a deeper level


Ritu Sharma - Author / Women's Empowerment Confidence Coach -

Sam Dossa - Broadcaster / Business Coach/Mentor & Visibility Specialist -

Meet our expert speakers on the day.

Keith Higgs

Keith Higgs is an  Author, Speaker, Coach and Traveller.

He has lived in or visited over 60 countries, spent 20 years doing voluntary work and with 3 relationships lasting over a total of 42 years, he is well qualified to share about relationships and Love.

Keith is also known as the Love man with 3 books about Love. ‘Take Control of Your Spacecraft and Fly Back to Love - a Manual and Guidebook for Life’s Journey,’ ‘The Little Book of Love’ and ‘Love, Sex, Nakedness and the Divine - Messages from Love to Empower and Enlighten Your Journey.’

He is a man who has a passion to share his truths, values, and beliefs with many.

Suman Manghra

Suman Manghra is a Mindset and Empowerment coach who helps others gain clarity from where they maybe stuck in their lives and helps them move forward in both their personal and professional lives. Being a Masters NLP Practitioner she combines Timeline Therapy and Hypnotherapy techniques to remove negative emotions and limiting beliefs so you can start manifesting the life you truly deserve and desire.


Angela Barlow

Is a Mother of twins
Married to a man who now has disabilities
Angela initially qualified in nursing 
Is now on a different journey in helping people using various techniques she has learned in the last few years
Have I always been a self lover?

Sessions are been divided into 2 parts. Tea/Coffee/Biscuits and light lunch will be provided.
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