Sat 20th October 2018
The Pentagon Shopping Centre, Chatham, Kent., ME4 4HY

Duration: 90 minutes

Location: The Pentagon Shopping Centre 


You thought this new travel company seemed too good to be true... and you were absolutely right! None of the passengers who've made the mistake of booking with them have ever completed their journey in one piece. Having won a trip in a competition you don't remember entering, you're far too excited about your prize to notice that things are not quite right here until it's too late... or is it? Maybe you and your fellow travellers can escape the station before your bus arrives as you start to realise it's headed for a destination from which you'll never return.

IMPORTANT: This game takes place in a REAL bus terminal and the area is HUGE. Players must be able to climb stairs, run and crawl.

NOTE: This game is more expensive than our others due to the longer duration (90 minutes) and the extra staff required.

WARNING! Although this game is recommended for players aged 12+ (all bookings must include at least one adult aged 18+), parental discretion is advised as it features live performances and players will be put in handcuffs from which they must escape - so please consider the disposition of your team members before booking. It really would be shame to wimp out of this game as it's designed for families to play together... but there are also plenty of tamer Escape Plan LIVE games to choose from if you’re too chicken!

Google map static shot of The Pentagon Shopping Centre, Chatham, Kent., ME4 4HY
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