Icon Painting Course

Icon Painting Course hosted by Ian Knowles, master Iconographer and Principal of the Bethlehem Icon School


Tuesday 23 April Saturday 28 April, 10am 4pm, St. Nicholas Church (Eucharist Service Tues 23 April 9.30 10pm optional)

Find out how those medieval masterpieces in the National Gallery were painted? Learn hands on the ancient technique of icon painting. Over five days you will draw and paint your own icon according to the timeless principles of this Orthodox Christian art for prayer. Course covers the theological fundamentals, how to draw and paint icons, the technique of egg tempera and much more. Beginners welcome. Service of blessing at the Taize Service on the Sat 27 April.

Cost includes the tuition, the board and natural pigments

Tickets 95 Low Waged/Unwaged 75

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Icon Painting Course St. Nicolas Church