Written by Martin McDonagh and Directed by Laura Elizabeth

Our first comedy of the season is our Christmas production, a dark comedy by Oscar winning Martin McDonagh. Hangmen takes place in 1963 in the UK. It centers around an executioner named Harry Wade. Harry is the second best hangman in the land, and he owns a pub with his wife, Alice, and his fifteen year old daughter, Shirley. Harry is forced to deal with the abolishment of hangings, and the pub is filled with people who have various motives concerning Harry's profession. A stranger named Mooney comes to the pub and causes trouble, flirting with Harry's daughter to get under his skin. Mooney toys with Harry and makes Harry and Alice believe he has kidnapped and killed their daughter Shirley.

The Harlequin Theatre, Cheshire on Thursday 12 December 2019
Doors Open at 7:00PM
Starts at 7:45PM
Individual Ticket Price: 9.00 - 10.00*
Group Ticket Price: 90.00*
*booking fee applies
Box Office: 01606 24 68 31

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