Tuckshop Dance Theatre- Neverland (Winsford Library)

Winsford Library, Cheshire, CW7 2AS
Thu 7th February 2019

Tuckshop Dance Theatre in conjunction with Cheshire Dance is proud to present “Neverland”; a dramatic, interactive and immersive performance that explores the relationship between the younger generation and the digital world. 
Taking place in Libraries and youth friendly spaces across the North West between 6th & 18th February (including venues in Wirral, Liverpool, Chester, Ellesmere Port and Winsford), this show shares the multiple perspectives of young people living online and celebrates their positive relationship with digital technology.
An uplifting performance that uses dance, augmented reality and technology to explore the minds and imaginations of the younger generation, Neverland considers how social media has the potential to blur the lines between truth and reality.
Raising awareness of the challenges that our youngsters face today and highlighting the tensions between realism and virtual existence, Neverland supports young people to thrive in this challenging digital era and to continue to remain aware of the risks that the online world can bring.
Aimed at ages 11+, this highly anticipated show has been produced using the ideology behind the story of Peter Pan which has been updated for this older age group. Transporting audiences to a parallel universe on a journey to reach adulthood, viewers are immersed in a digital world in which social media dominates lives and solid relationships are paramount for individual happiness.

An element of the experience will be delivered via augmented Reality. The AR will be delivered through the ground breaking new immersive platform from Facebook. More details to follow.

At 5pm Local Dance Groups will animate the library with their own dance performances, before we take a trip to Neverland at 5.30 pm.

Running time 1 hour.
Google map static shot of Winsford Library, Cheshire, CW7 2AS
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