Paranormalcityevents New Location for 2019
Date: SATURDAY 30th MARCH 2019
TIME 9.00PM - 2AM

Take a tour of Stanley Palace. Hear the History and Reports and what to expect, followed by a Paranormal Investigation/Ghost Hunt
to see if any activity is present.

You will be split into teams to cover this location. It has the history and potential to be a very active night.

This Grade II listed building stands on, or near, a site used in the medieval times by the Dominican Friars, known as the Black Friars. Originally built for Peter Warburton, a local lawyer, it remained in the family for an unknown time as records do not show when or to who the house was sold to.

Over the years the once grand house deteriorated and was transformed into three cottages, the outer buildings and land sold for housing development. It was saved by the 15th Earl of Derby, Edward Henry Stanley, who purchased the site to preserve it for the community; it was renamed Derby House.

1911 saw the house restored from three cottages to its original state. During the restoration tunnels to the Watergate and the Castle were discovered via the trapdoor in the floor of the entrance. It was passed to Chester City Council in 1928 who commenced work to restore and extend the building.

Reported Activity
The apparition of a lady has been seen on several occasions believed to be Elizabeth, the daughter of Sir Peter Warburton. Various other apparitions have been witnessed along with the sounds of footsteps, low murmuring and other unexplained noises.

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