That's Our Girl

The Pavilion Theatre, Chichester, PO20 0QL
Tue 26th June 2018 - Sat 30th June 2018

Ice Breaking Productions presents 'That's Our Girl'. A brand new original one-act play written by Josh Harcourt-Kelly. 

At the height of WWII there was a quiet place where an army was fighting a different side of the war. Bletchley Park 1942.

Newly wed Dorothy Brown joins as part of the Women’s Royal Navy to do her part, much like her husband Thomas who has been sent off to train up new pilots. Along the way Dorothy meets Barbara, a somewhat fierce woman but with a good heart. Lifelong friend Annie, a shy yet knowledgeable woman, and Mary, the woman who sees the light where ever she goes. Dorothy soon realises that this is a different war to what she knew. 

There are secrets and more lies to cover them up. No one talks about what they do, no one is allowed. Dorothy finds comfort in writing letters to her husband and solving the puzzles of the enigma code. 

Little does she realise, that what she may uncover could change the course of not just the war, but her own life as well.

Google map static shot of The Pavilion Theatre, Chichester, PO20 0QL
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