An Appointment With Dr Clive Barker


Clive was a GP in Chorley for over 30 years, retiring from Library House Surgery in August 2017. Since then, hes reacquainted himself with his family (who had forgotten what he looked like), slept a lot, and got fit again. 

Now in this entertaining evening he will share a light-hearted look at healthcare with anyone who cares to listen. With a friendly bedside manner, he recalls the ups and downs of working for the NHS, memorable encounters, and thoughts gleaned from being a Doctor and a patient.

The night will also be a chance for him to thank family, friends, colleagues, patients, and other members of the community for their support and guidance over the years, and in the process raise funds for the Motor Neurone Disease Association - if you donate when buying your ticket, all of your donation will go to the Motor Nuerone Disease Association)

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