Footlights Theatre Group Dungannon present
CEDRIC by Paul McElhatton

After 9 years, Footlights are bringing back their popular comedy written by local writer Paul McElhatton.
“Cedric” is based on the age-old tale of the battle of good over evil. Devilish Nick and angelic Gabriel have been sent to earth on a soul-recruiting mission. Before long they enter into a wager over the ‘soul’ of nerd “Cedric Pratt”.
Cedric longs to become popular, especially with girls, and it is Gabby’s intention to help him fulfil his dreams and ambitions. If she manages to do this Nick will have to give up his evil ways and join her in heaven. Nick, on the other hand, strives to foil their efforts at every step of the way.
Cedric is thrust into one amusing situation after another with hilarious attempts at gaining popularity and finding his true love. He embarks on many adventures, including becoming a superhero for the day, joining the navy, going on “Blind Date” and even attempting to become an actor. But which will win through in the end – Good or evil?
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