The Hut People Schools' Workshop

A fantastic opportunity for children to enjoy music activities with the world-renowned percussionist and accordion players who form, The Hut People.

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Taking the audience on a voyage across the globe with their varied material, they perform a hugely engaging, entertaining and truly unique blend of home-grown tunes mixed with British, Nordic and European folk music, perfectly formed & embellished with the driving accordion and a dazzling array of exotic percussion.

Accordionist Sam Pirt & Percussionist Gary Hammond both have extensive backgrounds in music - having been part of and performed alongside legendary acts such as The Beautiful South, Nina Simone, The Dubliners & Sharon Shannon, their playing is still very much in high demand.

Great music & virtuosity aside, a show from The Hut People is overflowing with humor, spontaneity and a 100% commitment to their getting-the-crowd-involved ethos. Don’t miss them.


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