The Unwanted presented by Shaper/Caper Dance Company

A comedy dance theatre show about failure and resilience (and cheese), with songs specially written by Mark Franks of The Overtones. For 15 years, Thomas has faced a constant, stifling stream of rejection. Dates broken, relationships soured, and even worse… dance pieces that never happened - from a large-scale interactive piece about the apocalypse to a piece exploring the nuances of cheddar cheese. For one night only, using letters of rejection as a starting point, Thomas will bring them to life. And maybe we’ll discover there was a reason that they never got made…
Anyone over the age of 16 who has experienced rejection or failure (well, everyone really). It will also appeal to people who enjoy: comedy / contemporary dance / karaoke / and people who are interested in the use of animation, video and sound design as part of live performance.
Forthcoming Dates
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