Hope and Social

As always we open the festival with the chance to have a good bop. Hope & Social are renowned for making every gig an event; a band that throws itself wholeheartedly into every performance and which perfectly bridges the gap between the stage and the audience. Anthemic songs, infectious melodies and a formidable live experience.

Ten years has seen a wealth of recorded music, 5 studio albums,2 EPs, an acoustic album, ‘Crypt Covers’, a Christmas song, music a for a theatre piece, and a collaboration with New York Brass Band.

Have a look at the band on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t-QirK-W2sk

Brilliant, uplifting and inclusive. That was amazing, here’s your chequeMichael Eavis - Glastonbury Festival

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Forthcoming Dates
Hope and Social Empire Ballroom, Ashbourne