Dereham Blues Festival Concert - Hamilton Loomis


Born and raised in Galveston, Texas, Hamilton Loomis is the son of musician parents who listened to blues, rock and soul. Music ran in his veins and, with instruments readily available around the house, he picked up drums, piano, guitar and harmonica, honing his multi-instrumental talent.
Loomis’ says; “My parents had a fantastic record collection and, when I started writing, I gravitated towards what I’d been listening to all my life. I have a huge reverence for the blues and all it encompasses……..…”
A protégé of Bo Diddley, Loomis and crew shine on stage proving his music is best experienced in person, where one can see and hear its intended splendour. Described by Blues Blast Magazine as “a non-stop turbo of power, one minute moving from side to side of the stage, and then taking on his horn player in a head-cutting contest on the apron of the stage the next minute.” 
Loomis’ energetic, get-in-with–the-crowd antics are infectious. The crowd swaying and clapping are just as he envisioned.

The fabulous local bluesman Ron Sayer Jr. is providing support for this concert backed by local
favourites The Shunters band.

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Dereham Blues Festival Concert - Hamilton Loomis Dereham Memorial Hall