Youth Theatre Showcase

Fri 17th May 2019 - Sat 18th May 2019
Dewsbury Arts Group, Dewsbury, WF13 2ED
Friday and Saturday 17th and 18th May 2019
An evening of plays presented by the Group’s Youth Classes

Daft by David Foxton
Bradford. 1858. Life is hard and people do what they need to do to survive. Making a profit means making everything go as far as it can. Everything is watered down or cut with cheap filler to make it go further. There’s nothing to regulate or stop it. Until a batch of peppermints leaves people sick and dying and the aftermath resonates in English Law.

Showdown at Coyote Flatts by David Foxton
A town, terrorised by a bad guy in pursuit of gold. What will the shifty Mayor do? Will the local sawbones Doc Smothers and the plucky Carrie stand up for what’s right? Will saloon gal Miss Louise charm them all or will Hallelujah Mary keep them on the straight and narrow? Do the townsfolk even care? This is a classic western tale in the best B-movie tradition
Google map static shot of Dewsbury Arts Group, Dewsbury, WF13 2ED
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