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Ursu - Never Give Up On a Dog

In a new book, Yorkshire dog lover Sarah Napier tells the tale of how she rehabilitated Ursu, who spent years in a Romanian ‘kill shelter’. Laura Drysdale reports. When Sarah Napier welcomed feral dog Ursu into her home from Romania in 2015, he arrived biting, bucking and frightened. “He hadn’t walked as such for up to four years. He wouldn’t take a collar or a lead. He was terrified of just about everything,” she says.

Despite years of trauma, Ursu, meaning bear in Romania, has now learned to let go of his fears and in a heart-warming new book, Sarah, from Huddersfield, shares his story from a dog “broken, terrified and unapproachable” to one “affectionate and exuberantly happy”.

Sarah will be attending Dewsbury Library to discuss this amazing journey and answering questions from the audience.
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