Visiting Speaker - Saddington Baynes

Creative Director Andy White will be discussing the studios 3D and 2D work across advertising, commercials, product design, medical visualisation and architectural visualisation.

Saddington Baynes is an award winning integrated production studio, collaborating creatively with the world’s best agencies and brands to bring big ideas to life. Inspired by great imagery; their mission is to create sensational imagery that moves people and inspires brand devotion.

A guide to R&D and creative development 

Self-initiated learning is encouraged and expected in the CG
industry – this is true for the biggest blockbuster studios, all the way down
to independent artists. You are very much in control of how fast and how far
you develop, whether in the capacity of cinematic director, VFX supervisor,
compositor or another essential role. But how can we keep evolving in the
competitive creative landscape? Saddington Baynes takes you through best
practice for R&D, team management, previs, shoot setup and pipeline
development, enabling artists to attain hands-on technical discipline. 


Speaker Bio

Over the last four years, Andy
White has delivered sensational imagery and films for Saddington Baynes. Andy
leads project development as the studio’s Creative Director, tailoring the look
and feel of deliverables to client specifications. He is experienced with
managing a large team of CG artists, working on numerous projects concurrently,
and overseeing the entire studio pipeline from pitch to delivery. As both
a VFX supervisor and shoot director, Andy believes in the immense power of CG
and how it can enhance live-action footage, empowering a creator with new
technical capability.

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