Kokoro - A Night in Vienna

Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra’s contemporary music ensemble Kokoro presents an evening of music from the 2nd Viennese School. By the time the romantic period was winding down at the turn of the 20th Century, classical music was the biggest and most emotional it had ever been - which meant that something had to give. Composers of the Second Viennese School stripped things right back - and that included the way that music was composed. No more would composers be slaves to harmony and melody like their counterparts in the First Viennese School, such as Haydn and Mozart. This evening will explore the three leaders of this new music movement, Schönberg, Webern and Berg, as they changed the face of music including a chamber version of Schönberg’s exquisite tone poem, Verklärte Nacht. Touring Dorset with Artsreach, the counties touring arts charity.

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