Angel Heart Theatre - The Boy who Cried Wolf

Jacob is a young boy who loves to be playful, but when he is given the responsibility of being the village shepherd his wild imagination leads him astray. This delightful re-imagining of one of Aesop's most loved fables is brought to life with Angel Heart's impeccable combination of exquisite puppetry, dynamic storytelling, beautiful live music and the chance to join in. Angel Heart Theatre are dedicated to The Art of Puppetry and Storytelling, creating original stories and re-imagining familiar tales with a visually striking, innovative style. Touring Dorset with Artsreach, the counties touring arts charity. Suitable 3+

Howling Tales Workshop

 Using an infectiously fun blend of improvised storytelling, music making and movement, Angel Heart Theatre conjure up a wild tale of howling delight with children and their parents/carers. No musical experience is necessary for this workshop and all instruments are provided. Places limited, enquire when booking. Children must be accompanied. Workshop runs from 1:30pm-3:30pm. Suitable 4+

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