Béir, Béir, Béir! agus Píobaire Breac an Oileáin

Craic Theatre & Arts, Dungannon, BT71 4HP
Wed 27th March 2019
GAELSCOIL Uí Néill Present
Adouble header: 'Béir, Béir, Béir!' by Naíscoil, Rang 1 & Rang 2 and 'Píobaire Breac an Oileáin' by Rang 3 - Rang 7
Píobaire Breac an Oileáin / The Pied Piper of the Island
Fadó, fadó san oileáin......
Years ago in Coalisland.....
Coalisland was a thriving, industrial town with the townsfolk busy working the mines, the canal and the mills. Until the dreadful day when the rats arrived and the town was overrun! Can anyone save the Island from the terrible rats?
Béir, Béir, Béir! / Bears, Bears, Bears!
If you go down to the woods today, you're in for a big surprise! Join a young family who embark on a bear hunt only to find what they're looking for, and more!

Google map static shot of Craic Theatre & Arts, Dungannon, BT71 4HP
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