Hummingbird House by Martin Clare

Dunham Massey Village Hall, Dunham Massey, WA14 4SD
Wed 25th November 2015 - Sat 28th November 2015

Set in the beauty spa of Hummingbird House, new girl Rhonda attempts to settle in with her colleagues Denise and Ralph, but she is concerned when she learns that a serial killer is on the loose having locked people in to a mansion and picked them off one by one.

Local critic Mrs Middlewich pays a visit to the spa to write an article for her online blog, but is not expecting a pleasant day after her last visit ended badly.  Sure enough, it isn't long before customers and staff alike find themselves locked in to Hummingbird House, and then one by one they begin to disappear.

Robes, risk assessments and tanning beds all play their part in this original comedy farce by Martin Clare.

Google map static shot of Dunham Massey Village Hall, Dunham Massey, WA14 4SD
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