Jed Potts & The Hillman Hunters

Teviot Row House, Edinburgh, EH8 9AJ
Sat 20th July 2019
Guitarist and vocalist, Jed Potts, is the young blues musician who is starting to really make waves in the Scottish blues scene. He’s got the ability to move into a different gear, if you’re into the real blues. Lately, he’s been in Memphis recording and playing with US star, Brandon Santini and he’s moved to a new level. The Hillman Hunters are his electric trio, playing blues inspired by 50s and 60s American greats, from Freddie King to Howlin’ Wolf. Whether laying back into a Freddie King ballad or digging-in to a hypnotic Muddy Waters groove, they deliver gritty blues played with passion and power.
Google map static shot of Teviot Row House, Edinburgh, EH8 9AJ
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