CINDERELLA The Magical Musical

Thameside Theatre, Essex, RM17 5DX
Thu 17th October 2019 - Sun 2nd January 2022
As a kingdom celebrates its Prince's decision to give a ball for the express purpose of finding a bride, Cinderella's two stepsisters and their mother enter. This less-than-lovable trio is followed by what seems to be a large pile of packages, but in fact is Cinderella carrying the ladies' ball gowns, frills and frou-frou from a successful shopping spree. Cinderella, it becomes apparent when they arrive home, will have the formidable job of making the Stepmother and Stepsisters beautiful for the ball
The Queen and King are not in complete agreement about the Prince's ball (which should, in fact, be called the Queen's ball, since it is entirely her idea). The King doesn't want to have it at all since it will be a great deal of trouble, a large expense, and why would a red-blooded boy want to get married in the first place? But the Queen has her heart set on it, and neither the King nor the Prince (who dreads the whole idea) can bear to disappoint her. The preparations continue.
On the night of the ball, Cinderella helps her Stepmother and Stepsisters get ready. After they leave, she sits alone in her corner and imagines what it might be like at the ball. She's not alone for long, however, for her Godmother appears at the window. Despite this lady's sensible looks and practical manner, she is no ordinary godmother, though Cinderella doesn't suspect this. With help from the Godmother's "fol-de-rol" and "fiddley dee," Cinderella is magically transformed for the ball. Her carriage, changed from a pumpkin, drawn by horses that were mice a moment before, whisks her to the palace.
And the rest of the story we all know and love will come to life at the Thameside in October! This magical Musical is one not to miss and with only 4 performances we strongly recommend early booking and reservation of tickets.
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