Rachel Podger (violin) with Marcin Świątkiewicz

Rachel Podger - Gramaphone Artist of the Year 2018 has established herself as a leading interpreter of the Barque and Classical periods, described by The Times as  “the unsurpassed British glory of the baroque violin”. In October 2015 Rachel was the first woman to be awarded the prestigious Royal Academy of Music/Kohn Foundation Bach Prize. She has paid two visits to Raynham accompanied by Maggie Cole on harpsichord and fortepiano. She is coming in June with her regular harpsichord partner Marcin. 

Marcin Świątkiewicz is one of the foremost Polish harpsichord players of the young generation, appreciated equally for his solo and chamber music repertoire and known for his inventive basso continuo realisations.

Programme for September 7th 2019

Fontana, Giovanni Battista (d. 1631): Sonata Seconda

Frescobaldi: Toccata VII in d from the 2nd book

Leonarda, Isabella (1620-1704): Sonata Duodecima

Corelli, Arcangelo: Sonata Op. 5 No. 12 in D minor (La Folia)

Bach, Johann Sebastian: Sonata No 2 for Violin and Obligato Harpsichord in A major BWV 1015

Veracini, Francecsco Maria (1690-1768): Sonata No. 12 for Violin and Continuo in D minor

Forthcoming Dates
Rachel Podger (violin) with Marcin Świątkiewicz Raynham Hall
Fakenham, Norfolk