Songwriting with Rocktopus to help save the Planet

Frome Town Hall, Frome, BA11 1EB
Sat 25th May 2019
Are you passionate about the future of our planet?

Do you want to inspire others to make changes in their lives that will benefit the survival of our world?

Rocktopus are passionate about the state of the Earth. We want to help restore the natural balance of our planet so that all ecosystems can flourish and all species can thrive!

There's lots that can be done - let's spread the word!

Come and learn about the issues facing our planet and what we can do about them as we combine the ideas into a song for our long awaited 2nd album. Your thoughts, your words and your voices will be an inspiration to people around the globe as they listen to our song about saving the planet.

On the day you'll get to rock out with Rocktopus, be an integral part of the songwriting process, have your voices recorded for the final song and learn about what we can do to help save the planet, with guidance from a panel of environmental experts.

Come and take your seats at 9.45AM for a 10AM start.

Bring your own refreshments.

Once we've started, we won't be breaking until we've completed the song and the recording.

Limited space available! Entry is FREE, but anyone arriving without a ticket source ticket will not be allowed to enter.
Google map static shot of Frome Town Hall, Frome, BA11 1EB
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