Handel Theodora

St Andrew's Church, Mells,, BA11 3PW
Sun 21st July 2019
Midsomer Choral Society, directed by Musical Director Neil Moore, teams up with amazing soloists and baroque orchestra to perform what was Handel's favourite work - Theodora.

Stephanie Collishaw, Theodora
Neil Moore, Didymus
Marie Elliott, Irene
Christopher Pelmore, Septimius
Richard Fitzsimmons, Valens
Midsomer Choral, Chorus of Christians, Chorus of Heathens

Handel's second last oratorio and favourite work, Theodora has come to be recognised in the last twenty years as Handel's masterpiece. A succession of the most beautiful arias and choruses, Theodora is a profoundly moving experience.

Theodora is a tale from ancient Rome that speaks to our hearts, here and now. Innocence, love, faith and courage bloom strong and full of promise, only to be struck down by blind hatred and the thirst for power.

The work will have a long interval to allow for supper in Mells Walled Garden. 

Google map static shot of St Andrew's Church, Mells,, BA11 3PW
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