Why not take some time out for your own heart this Spring? The Bible lets us know that all the issues of a person’s life are intricately connected to the state of their heart. God instructs us to look after our hearts diligently. Yet in reality, we forget. We become easily distracted. We give our time and resources to other things which appear more pressing or exciting. Yet in doing so, we pass over opportunities to become more free and more healthy inside, rather than reacting to life out of our wounds and disappointments. 

In Golden Valley Church, we prioritise the healing of the heart as a primary value of who we are and what we teach and do. We understand that “hurt people hurt people”. We understand that God is calling us all into greater intimacy with Himself, and into stronger levels of faith. These things can only happen as our hearts are as they should be. So many Christians know in their heads that they are loved by God, but so many never enter this reality in a living and felt way from their hearts. The embrace of a loving Father is so often a theory rather than a living and life-giving experience. We want to help that to change!

Come along to the 2019 School of the Heart and allow God to meet you and bless you at a heart level!

Topics include:

  • The importance of the heart
  • The love of God the Father
  • Heart issues and conditions
  • Hearing the voice of God
  • Forgiveness and freedom
  • Fresh sensitivity and intimacy
  • Faith and hope
  • Generational iniquity
  • Soul ties, inner vows, ungodly beliefs
  • Living in continual belovedness
  • …and more!

The school runs from Monday afternoon until Friday afternoon, plus Wednesday evening from 7:00pm until 9:30pm, at the Firehouse, Newton Avenue, Coney Hill, Gloucester. That’s four+ full days of encountering God’s love! There will of course be breaks for coffee and lunch. The School will consist of worship, teaching, prayer, small groups, soaking, and learning to hear God better for yourself. 

The cost is only £70 – and there’s an early bird discount of £15 if you register before February 15th. Plus there's concessions and School of Ministry rates. And…! We don’t want anyone to miss out because of finances, so chat to us if that’s a genuine issue.

Sign up and we will get you registered for a life-changing summer experience! Sessions will be led and taught by Wes & Sharron Boxall and Rebecca Boucker [Golden Valley Church], and others.

Don’t delay. There’s more at stake than we usually give thought to!

We are looking forward to seeing you then!!

Golden Valley Church, Gloucester on Monday 8 April 2019
Doors Open at 1:00PM
From Mon 8 Apr 2019, 2:00PM to Fri 12 Apr 2019, 5:00PM
Ticket Price: £25.00 - £70.00
Box Office: 01452690037
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