Stroud: Embodiment of the Conscious Heart

Do you feel that really at heart we are all one? 

Do you want to discover the ecstatic and immersive beauty of Heart Consciousness through creative processes?

Do you long for a safe space where we give each other  permission to be free and limitless and unique? 

Do you feel humanity needs to heal, evolve and desperately change course? 

Do you want to be part of the change? 

…then “Embodiment of the Conscious Heart” retreats are for you, to replenish and to be replenish, nurtured, inspire and be inspired, empower and be empowered and playfully challenge limiting beliefs about who we are and what being human is. 

Eva Millauer is a visual and performing artist (BA hons) who has intensively explored heart consciousness through creative processes especially how to align spoken word and movement to invoke the tacit awareness of the indescribable oneness with all there is and the profound mystery in which everything arises. She has extensively and in great detail worked with spoken word and movement, devised and spontaneous performances, but also experimental film and visual art. 

She has developed a collection of unique creative processes that invite people to drop into a deep sense of peace, unconditional love and oneness with all there is and she is very experienced at inventing new assignments on the go to serve any particular process that may emerge in any one of the retreats.
"I can't wait to see you there

In that heart-nurturing place

that is no place

where Love

meets as Love

and Infinity pervades every cell of the body

and all limits, all ideas, all presumptions and conceptions

are dissolved in Light"

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Please be aware that I offer these retreats on a monthly basis in Bristol as well. All dates for upcoming events can be found here:

A few responses from past retreats:

"Eva's openness, joy and laughter is contagious. Her energy naturally creates a safe space for hearts to open and creativity to express it's self in a very fluid and organic way. Come with an open mind and an open heart to discover a deeper sense of what the heart is and a sense of feeling connected with all that is." -Zoey

“Zooming along in powerful Heart full of Love, Presence and Beauty, once more into the moment, a space so warm and safe.
With Love and gratitude.” Rodger

“Beautiful session, amazing space held by Eva. such vulnerability from everyone. I very much appreciate the opportunity to be.
-With warmest wishes, highly recommended” -Charlie

Forthcoming Dates
Stroud: Embodiment of the Conscious Heart The Centre for Science and Art
Stroud: Embodiment of the Conscious Heart The Centre for Science and Art