Seven Olympians 6 - Emily Dickinson

The Emily Dickinson trail may lead to barely concealed clues of grief in love, the shadow of her more public than domestic father, and many a mystery, but it is first and foremost a strangely uplifting tale of the triumph of personal choice against all the odds.

Already at the age of 25, though lively, funny and good company, she was saying, 'I don't go from home unless emergency leads me by the hand'.

The result of her decision to stay at home was a redoubling of her creative output, which built up a total of 1775 extraordinary poems discovered stitched in neat bundles in a drawer at her death . . .

“A really excellent evening, much enjoyed and appreciated by all those who have been in touch since. People were rapt, attentive and enthusiastic".
                                                                             (Liza Bingley Miller after Emily Dickinson Night in York)

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Seven Olympians 6 - Emily Dickinson The Great Chamber, Sutton House